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chicken coop story



Amy’s Chicken Coop Story

The biggest selling point to Amy was that she was able to walk inside the chicken coop with run. For her being able to get inside and clean the coop and tend to chickens if she needed to, was very important. Her old chicken coop had one, very small square door that she had to get on her belly if she needed to get a chicken. She loved the fact that she could roam inside freely without hitting her head or having to crouch. This was the best feature of the 6×12 combination chicken coop with run for Amy.






Dorothy’s Chicken Coop Story

Raising chickens has been a great hands-on experience for Dorothy’s son, he has learned many important life lessons. Dee Dee’s original plan of enjoying fresh eggs in the morning has turned into valuable life experiences for her and her family. Read on to see Dee Dee’s full story and view more images of her Large Red Quaker Coop.


Chicken Coop Story From Jason in Michigan

For many years, Cynthia and Jason wanted to own and raise backyard chickens. Cynthia grew up on a farm and had the first-hand experience with quality livestock. Jason, being a nurse, also appreciated the benefits of the great nutrition found in having high-quality eggs.

After getting four chicks, they soon realized what fun personalities they had. Also, the hands-on experience of raising chickens has also been a great learning tool for their kids!


Pattya’s Chicken Coop Story in Shelton, CT

“Keeping the chickens secure from all the predators around us plus making caring for them easier were my two main focuses and that coop exceeded my expectations.” Read Pattya’s Chicken Coop Story to learn more about the reasons she chose The Hen House Collection and features and options she got included in her Combination Coop.


Chicken Coop Story From Pleasant Grove, Utah

“This chicken coop is one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Every step of the process was simple and efficient.  I was worried about the delivery because I did not live anywhere close to where the coop was being made.  The Hen House Collection made that process just like it was being bought from the neighbor next door” Matt’s chicken coop story talks about why he chose The Hen House Collection and how we differ from other coop builders.

Which Came First: The Chicken or The Egg?

You’ll never know if you don’t have a safe place for your hens.