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Chicken Coop Accessories and Options

Before you begin to choose your chicken coop accessories and options, you should know that all of our chicken coops include the following standard features. These features are already included in the price that we give you.

Featured Product: Automatic Chicken Coop Door

automatic chicken coop door



SmartCoop Auto Door

You never have to go out of your way to open/close the chicken coop door. The automatic chicken coop door will open/close the door for you. If you have a busy lifestyle with work, family, and hobbies, sometimes you forget to let your chickens out of the coop.
Well, you should consider investing in an Automatic Chicken Coop Door that could simply fix your problem. By using the Automatic Chicken Coop Door instead of opening up the door yourself, you could set a timer that will open/close the coop door for you.

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Chicken Coop Standard Features

asphalt shingles with aluminum drip edge

Asphalt Shingles w/ Aluminum Drip Edgelp tech shield roof sheathing

L.P. Tech Shield Roof Sheathing58 lp flooring with warranty

5/8″ LP Flooring w/ 10 yr. Warranty

chicken door

Chicken Door

vent lid or vent

Vent Lid or Vent

nesting boxes1

Nesting Boxes



chicken ramp

Chicken Ramp

roosting bars

Roosting Bar

paint or stain

Paint or Stain

keyed entry door

Keyed Entry Door

window with screen

Window with Screen

pressure treated runners

Pressure Treated Legs and Runners